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Treat yourself
to a miniature
bottle of each Gin

Best Sellers

“The Raw Honey Distillery, as the name implies, carefully crafts its own alcohol from raw honey and expertly distills it into the beautiful creation dancing in your glass.”

Philosophy & Vision

Individuality, curiosity, integrity and innovation are all key to our philosophy. To be artisan, environmentally kind and sustainable; to achieve a reputation over time built on trust and quality and ultimately deliver a comprehensive portfolio of hand crafted distilled spirits.

About Us

Here at the Raw Honey Distillery we are unique among spirt makers, creating alcohol from pure, raw, honey which we then craft into honey-distilled gin and vodka. The honey is sourced from an artisan, single-estate producer. We use a careful blend of two kinds of honey – Light Acacia and Nutty Buckwheat, which we small-batch distil, using hand-selected botanicals, creating premium artisan gins and vodkas.

Beekeeper with Honeycomb

A fresh range of artisan spirits

crafted in a our own unique style

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